Information Discovery. Redefined.

Market moving alerts, social context, headache-free automation—all from one powerful software solution.

Imagine what you could do if you consistently uncovered market-moving events throughout each trading day.

Thousands of finance professionals rely on our market-moving alerts to find their next big trading opportunity—first.

Real Smart. Real Fast. Real Time.

Real Smart. Real Fast.
Real Time.

NewsHedge products leverage patented machine-learning, self-adjusting market-scanning technology to track 6,000+ assets, tick-by-tick, for unusual trading behavior driven by news events. So whether it’s a breaking stock, a sudden sector move, a commodity spiking, or a trading halt, it’s something we can alert you to. NewsHedge doesn't just notify you—it notifies you first.

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Context. At the push of a button.

Context. At the Push of
a Button.

When NewsHedge Social alerts you to a market-moving event, we provide you with one-click access to every mention of the event on Twitter and StockTwits. Rather than using social media to see what might move, NewsHedge Social shows you what is moving, and then gives you the keys to unlock context—transforming social media into your personal breaking newswire.

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Chatbot. We Talk to You.

Chatbot. Literally Speaking.

In addition to textual alerts, NewsHedge Social leverages text-to-speech to verbally broadcast market events straight to your computer. NewsHedge Social listens to market noise, filters it, and then speaks to you in a language you’ll understand.

Breaking News. Untangled.

Breaking News. Untangled.

Traditional media sources can’t report breaking news fast enough and big data solutions are too noisy. Uncovering market-moving news is hard. NewsHedge is easy. We give you the information you need in a way you can actually understand and react to.

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Unfair Advantages

  • Our products aren’t subjective. We analyze factual numerical data, not just opinions.
  • You’ll be led to market-moving events and context at the earliest point possible.
  • You’ll uncover numerous trading opportunities throughout each trading day.
  • You’ll make more informed decisions, more quickly.
  • You’ll gain perspective and context from non-traditional sources.
  • You’ll obtain valuable information that can move or influence market sectors.
  • You’ll have access to exploitable, differentiated information found on social media.

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