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True, real-time intra-minute reporting in milliseconds

Audio broadcasts in MP3 format for full browser support

Fast, direct TCP connection bypassing web latencies

Separate server push and search query protocols

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NewsHedge ALPHA API Twitter Edition


Twitter. The New Normal.

Throughout each trading day, thousands of press releases and news snippets are being released from a growing list of financial media sources. But when it’s a market-moving event—also known as a trading catalyst—influential traders and authoritative media sources instantaneously take to Twitter to share and discuss the particulars—making Twitter the go to source for breaking news, key insights, and market sentiments.

But how can we leverage Twitter’s powerful flow of information for event-based trading within an algorithmic environment?

With the NewsHedge ALPHA API Twitter Edition, you’ll not only detect market-moving events as they happen, but you’ll also be able to systematically interpret and react to them, too.

How it Works

NewsHedge, together with—a Twitter analytics company—leverage a two-part information discovery process for finding and processing key news events:

    1. Finding Catalysts
    NewsHedge first determines what is market moving by using exchange data. Specifically, NewsHedge low-latent algorithms examine an asset’s order book, time and sales, and trade volume for unusual price and volatility shifts commonly brought on by news.

    Machines drive the markets when news breaks. NewsHedge built a real-time solution for detecting what those machines are doing.

    2. Processing Context
    Secondly, once NewsHedge generates an alert, Metricle connects the alert with contextual information found on Twitter. Specifically, Metricle leverages its multi-tiered curation techniques to process conversational sentiments, tag events, measure trends, and gauge social velocity data.

    Humans share information on Twitter when news breaks. Metricle built A.I. technologies for analyzing what those humans are sharing.

The result is a highly predictive, easily consumable, fast-moving data set which allows firms to react to unscheduled news events in a quick and accurate manner—algorithmically.

Part of a Complete Quant Solution

The NewsHedge ALPHA API Twitter Edition provides unique content, technology, and data management capabilities designed to give firms the edge in quantitative research and analysis. Our comprehensive market data and Twitter analytics enable clients to more effectively develop and backtest event-based trading and quantitative investment strategies.


  • Alternative Data: Granular trading exchange data coupled together with robust Twitter analytics.
  • Superior Analysis: Multiple detection and processing techniques provide more accuracy and flexibility.
  • Unrivaled Speed: Low-latent throughout—delivered as a real-time feed.
  • Broad Coverage: Coverage includes the top 6,000+ individual U.S. equities.
  • Flexible API: RESTful web service designed to be extremely fast and easy-to-use.
  • Backtest Data: 3+ years of data—categorized to suit a wide range of testing needs.

NewsHedge PARTNER API Twitter Edition


Market-Moving Information—Right at Your Client’s Fingertips

Your clients are relying on—and trusting in—your ability to deliver high-quality market information that helps them discover early trends, breaking news, and sentiment shifts.

So why not really blow their minds? Why not take it one step further and give them direct access to market-moving information with the NewsHedge PARTNER API Twitter Edition?

NewsHedge, in partnership with—a Twitter analytics company—developed an A.I reporting solution that delivers relevant, actionable information happening in the markets, and within social media, all in real time.

What We Report

    Market-Moving Alerts: (30-50 alerts during regular market hours)
    Reporting unusual price and volatility shifts commonly caused by news events or irregular trading anomalies. Coverage includes the top 6,000+ actively traded assets on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX exchanges.

    Trading Halts: (6-14 halts during regular market hours)
    Delivering filtered exchange halt messages—such as trading halts, opening delays, trading imbalances, news pending, stock pause, limit up/down, and resumed trading—as they happen in real time.

    Social Velocity Alerts: (140-200 alerts within a 24-hour period)
    Reporting unusual bursts of Twitter activity around public companies. Sudden bursts of social activity is normally indicative of news or notable trading activities. Similar in comparison to Bloomberg’s Social Velocity Alerts, but these alerts are more granular, accurate, and timely.

    Social Sentiment Alerts: (40-70 alerts within a 24-hour period)
    Reporting sudden sentiment shifts happening around public companies. Sudden shifts of sentiment are commonly caused by hidden—hard to humanly process—trending catalysts which are gaining momentum.

By incorporating these real-time reporting solutions within your client's workflow—you’re ensuring they’re receiving a best-in-class information-discovery solution unlike anything available today.


  • Unbiased Reporting: Our products aren’t subjective. We analyze factual numerical data, not just opinions.
  • Superior Analysis: Multiple detection and processing techniques provide more accuracy and flexibility.
  • Unrivaled Speed: Low-latent throughout—delivered as a real-time feed.
  • Social Context: Giving you the option to hyperlink alerts to the underlying assets Twitter or StockTwits stream.
  • Flexible API: RESTful web service designed to be extremely fast and easy-to-use.