Your Competitive Edge

NewsHedge recognizes unusual trading behavior and transforms it into actionable signals, helping you discover critical information in real time.

To gain an edge in today’s competitive trading environment, you need access to timely information and alternative data. To help you capture that edge, we’ve developed the industry’s most comprehensive market-scanning solution for identifying actionable information happening in the markets, and within social media, all in real time.

1. Market Alerts

NewsHedge scans 6,000+ assets, tick-by-tick, for unusual price and volatility shifts commonly caused by news events.

2. Social Context

In partnership with—a Twitter analytics company—alerts are tagged (and confirmed) with key, real-time social data.

3. Alpha Generation

Our actionable signals allow you to swiftly react to market-moving news events in a discretionary or systematic way.

Because NewsHedge is 100% automated—and constantly learning from historical data—it’s the smartest and fastest patented reporting service available.

Case Studies

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