Case Study #5

"Street Sweeper Releases Short Report"

Magellan Pete Corp.

News Event

January 18, 2017 at 12:15:00 pm (EST) — releases a short report siting eight key risks facing the stock.

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Market Alert

A couple minutes after the report was released, NewsHedge alerted its clients to the unusual trading event at 12:17:44 pm (EST) as shares swiftly dropped from $16.70 to $15.34.

MPET Squawk: Magellan Pete Running Chart showing MPET activity

Social Context

As news broke, Wall Street instantaneously took to Twitter to share information. According to Metricle's quantitative Twitter data, Twitter posts for Magellan Pete produced a negative "sell" signal—as visually seen below.

MPET Twitter Analytics

Alpha Generation

Over the next several trading sessions, our quantitative data continued to produce a negative "sell" signal—giving our clients even more conviction to remain short, or to add to their short position.

Chart showing MPET weekly activity

Systematic Trading Data

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