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NewsHedge Social

What is NewsHedge Social?

NewsHedge Social is our free browser application service, and it’s designed for three specific purposes: 1) to showcase a portion of our technology; 2) to help professionals discover actionable trading events; and 3) to help drive real-time market-moving conversations happening on Twitter and StockTwits.

Who's using NewsHedge Social?

NewsHedge Social is for anyone looking to make more informed trading decisions. From day traders, market makers, and money managers, to hedge funds, quants, and electronic trading firms, myriad professionals are discovering that NewsHedge gives them deeper insight and a new perspective into real-time market-moving events.

Does NewsHedge Social charge "professional" or "non-professional" exchange fees?

No. NewsHedge Social doesn’t provide quote-related data, including direct or derived exchange data. It’s purely a reporting tool similar to a TV broadcast, human squawk, or chat room that notifies you of notable events.

Do I need a Twitter or StockTwits account to view content?

No, you do not need a Twitter or StockTwits account to view content. But we do recommend creating social accounts so you can join in on the real-time market-moving conversations.

Is NewsHedge Social customizable?

Yes. Alert setting can be adjusted to suit a wide range of user-preferred tracking needs.

Does NewsHedge Social “read the news”?

Although the majority of alerts are tied to news, the NewsHedge Social browser application does not read news. However, our institutional products do. Contact us at to learn more.

NewsHedge APIs

How does NewsHedge differ from other event-detection services like DataMinr, RavenPack, Bloomberg, etc?

Unlike other event-detection services, NewsHedge doesn’t rely solely on inefficient Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. We rely primarily on factual numerical trading data associated with an asset, then leverage NLP technologies (among other factors) as a secondary metric to help validate and add context to our signals.

How does NewsHedge remove unwanted noise?

NewsHedge leverages multiple detection and processing techniques when working with two differing, yet correlated data sets. In addition, NewsHedge alerts are tagged with key analytics data derived from the exchange order book—and Twitter—to help you further remove noise and process your own probability analysis.

Is NewsHedge low latent and stable?

Yes. NewsHedge was built entirely in Modern C to be extremely fast, consistently available, and responsive. System components are fully redundant to suppress crashes and outages. We also leverage system load balancing between East and West Coasts best-in-class cloud vendors.

Does NewsHedge offer structured Twitter data?

Yes. In partnership with—a Twitter analytics company—we provide a great number of industry leading market data and Twitter solutions. Contact to learn what we can do for you.

Our firm has a specific-use case. Can NewsHedge solutions be customized?

Yes. Both NewsHedge and our partner—a Twitter analytics company—were built from scratch to serve a wide range of reporting and systematic trading needs. Contact to discuss what we can help you build.

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