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NewsHedge has developed one of the largest intellectual property portfolios for visually and audibly distributing financial news information. Our portfolio includes US Patent No. 9,135,662, Copyright(s), Trade Secrets, and know-how.

Our technologies, in general, cover these four categories:

  • Visual News Data: adding graphical data to news events
  • Audio Broadcasts: verbally broadcasting news events using text-to-speech
  • Automated Headline Alerts: leveraging structured data to autogenerate headlines
  • Contextual Headline Data: adding relevant, contextual data to news events

To review specific examples, see below.

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Visual News Data

Attract and retain clients by leveraging visual data within your news events.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then graphical data is virtually priceless. NewsHedge methods leverage a combination of graphics, symbols, icons, colors, and textual data to display relevant data points within news events so professionals can understand hidden information at-a-glance. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Current Methods:
Current News Headlines

NewsHedge visual data methods (example #1):
Our News Headlines #1

NewsHedge visual data methods (example #2):
Our News Headlines #2

Example #1 depicts news impact, story sentiment, ticker relevance, news type, event category, event sentiment, story count, story word count, and novelty.

Example #2 depicts current stock price, today’s stock price change, stock price change since published, and price move strength (arrows).

What information matters most to your clients?

  • Stock Quotes
  • News Type
  • Event Type
  • Relevancies
  • Sentiments
  • Prevailing Sentiments
  • Detected Entity Count
  • Item Genre
  • Novelties
  • Story Velocity
  • News Count
  • Story Count
  • Word Count
  • Sentence Count
  • Source
  • Trending
  • 1st Mention Location
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Item Genre
  • News Impact
  • ...and more.

Audio Broadcasts

Differentiate your service by verbally broadcasting market-moving events.

It’s a proven fact—people react fastest to information when spoken to. So when your service breaks key events or need-to-know information, go beyond chime alerts and pop-ups, and speak to your clients in a language they’ll understand.

NewsHedge methods manipulates structured data into informative text strings that can be verbally broadcasted using text-to-speech. This means your clients will be notified first to relevant, market-moving events.

To hear an audio broadcast example, click on a button below.

Market Moving News

Social Events and Press Release Alerts

Number Releases

Unusual Trading Activities

Automated Headline Alerts

Increase revenues by delivering timely alerts your clients can profit from.

Typically, whoever receives market-moving information first wins. So give your clients information they can react to in real time. NewsHedge methods leverage various structured data sets to autogenerate informative headlines when particular events happen, or when certain parameters are triggered.

To get better acquainted, check out a few examples below.

Social Alerts:
Social Alert Example

Trading Alerts:
Trading Alert Example

Option Alerts:
Option Alert Example

Liquidity Alerts:
Liquidity Alert Example

Imbalance Alerts:
Imbalance Alert Example

Contextual Headline Data

Enhance the receptivity of your news events by introducing 3rd party data.

To increase interest and readership, you need to strategically create enticing, informative headlines. But what if you went a step further by helping your clients gain a better understanding of the reported event?

NewsHedge methods leverage various data sets for auto populating news events with additional relevant information; this is premium information your clients seek, but find timely and difficult to obtain.

To get better acquainted, check out a few examples below.

StockTwits: NewsHedge Alert + Social Analytics
NewsHedge Market Stats + Social Analytics

Thomson Reuters News Analytics: News Sentiments
News Sentiments Earnings Estimates
Earnings Estimates Social Sentiment
Social Sentiment Social Trends
Social Trends

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