We’re a real-time information-discovery solution that drives trading decisions.

Actionable Insight

Know. Decide. React.

News events, TV mentions, Twitter posts—trading catalysts can happen instantly, from any number of sources. So whether it’s a breaking stock, a sudden sector move, a commodity spiking, or a trading halt, it’s something we can alert you to immediately. NewsHedge doesn’t just notify you—it notifies you first.

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100% Automated

100% Automated

NewsHedge is a self-learning, self-adjusting market scanner that uses direct access exchange feeds to track 6,000+ assets, tick-by-tick, for unusual trading behavior. Because it's 100% automated—and constantly learning from historical price and volume data—it's the smartest and fastest patented reporting service available.

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Voice Broadcasts

See it. Hear it.

In addition to textual alerts, NewsHedge leverages text-to-speech to verbally broadcast market events straight to your computer. NewsHedge listens to market noise, filters it, and then speaks to you in a language you’ll understand.

Pertinent Event Data

Flexible Accessibility

Access NewsHedge through a browser, or have it implemented within your application. It's quite possibly the easiest way to help your team, clients, or subscribers discover market-moving events, spot opportunities, and manage risks.

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Extend Your Applications

Leverage Our API

We’ve done all the dirty work, so now it’s your turn to get creative. Leverage our patented publishing solutions to enhance your own product offering, or use our low-latency API for building trading models, optimize existing strategies, or for backtesting theories.

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