Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is NewsHedge?

NewsHedge is a Chicago-based FinTech development group that provides cost-effective, high-impact software solutions for the global financial community.

What solutions does NewsHedge offer?

In conjunction to the NewsHedge browser application, NewsHedge offers two different API solutions. The NewsHedge ALPHA API is for building trading models, optimizing existing strategies, or for backtesting theories, while the the NewsHedge PARTNER API is for leveraging our patented publishing solutions within partner product offerings.

Who's using NewsHedge?

NewsHedge is for anyone looking to make more informed trading decisions in a systematic or discretionary way. From hedge funds, banks, and risk desks, to market makers, day-traders and active investors, professionals are discovering that NewsHedge gives them deeper insight and a new perspective into real-time market events surrounding US equities.

Does NewsHedge make other software solutions?

Yes. Although NewsHedge is our core product, we also provide custom development solutions, including the opportunity to leverage other data solutions via our extensive partner network.

Is NewsHedge required to charge "professional" or "non-professional" exchange fees?

No. NewsHedge doesn’t provide any market related data, including direct or derived exchange data. It’s purely a reporting tool similar to a TV broadcast, human squawk, or chat room which notifies you to notable events. You’ll need to reference your market data vendor solution of choice for trading and quote related information.


How accurate is NewsHedge?

NewsHedge is extremely accurate. The beating heart of NewsHedge, its algorithms, are dynamic and multi-level—meaning they make adjustments based on asset type, current market conditions, and time of day. This keeps you focused on what really matters.

Is NewsHedge stable and redundant?

Yes. NewsHedge was built to always be available, secure, fast, and responsive. System components and data feeds are fully redundant to suppress crashes and outages. We also employed system load balancing between two separate best-in-class cloud vendors on both the East and West Coasts.

Is NewsHedge low latent?

Yes. NewsHedge was entirely built in Moden C to be fast and efficient. Alert information is provided within sub-second time frames.

Our firm has a specific use case. Can NewsHedge be customized?

Yes. In-fact, NewsHedge was built from scratch to serve a wide range of needs. Custom parameters can be adjusted to meet even the strictest of demands.

Is the NewsHedge browser application downloadable?

No. NewsHedge is considered a "web app" or "thin client" which was built using HTML5 and the latest in CSS so to easily run within your computers browser while using minimal system resources. To get the full experience of NewsHedge, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari.

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